Touch 1

Introducing the world’s first smart self-cleaning door handle.

Launching in 2021.

We help people advance
through the world designing tomorrow’s

Life is precious, let’s protect it. 

Tweaq develops innovative solutions that aims to raise health and hygiene standards and quality of life. Never before has it been so vital to monitor your own personal hygiene and those around you. 

handshakes are the equivalent to touching one door handle.

people can be contaminated from one door handle within 2 hours.

germs live on your fingertips at this very moment.


of people do not wash their hands properly.


Tweaq your business

Tweaq Touch 1 is a self cleaning door handle which makes your team and visitors’ health our top priority. We do this by using our technology to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in a cost effective and beautifully designed fashion. Whether it’s restaurants or hotels, offices or clinics, Tweaq Touch 1 will be launching in 2021.

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